Sella10 The perfect descent of the river Sella

10 reasons to trust Sella10

We give you 10 reasons before, during and after the activity, so that you can choose us to make the descent of Sella

01 Experience
This is very important. 20 years sending canoes down the river Sella , which is easier said than done.. These are enough years to know how to make your descent a perfect experience from start to finish.
02 Facilities
We could not be better situated, next to the bridge that goes over the river, and that gives way to the International Descent of the Sella. We offer you private lockers to leave your things, and spacious changing rooms where you can change or take a shower.
03 Staff
We have created a great human group, being the same year after year. At reception they will inform you and help you in everything you need. And our instructors will equip you with everything you need, and they will give you a course to be an expert paddling before boarding the canoe.
04 We provide everything you need
Canoes (singles, doubles or triples, your choice) registered and anti-tilt, oars, lifejacket, hermetic, safe, neoprene if necessary … Todo menos la compañía y las ganas de divertirte, que los has de traer tú.
05 The picnic
To replenish your strength between paddling and paddling, we offer you a picnic with a sandwich, dessert and water. We have options for celiacs and vegetarians. And we discount it from the price if you do not want it.
06 Assistance
If during the activity you have any questions or any problem arises, call us at any time and we will attend you immediately.
07 Arrival
You can do the 14 km or stop midway. And before bringing you back by bus, we reward your effort with a good culín of cider.
08 Prices
We always have available offers: for groups, with accommodation, for bachelor/bachelorette parties … You have a 10% discount if you book online. In addition, children have a special price, and if you bring hairy friends with 4 legs, they come free.
09 What they think of us
There is no greater pride than knowing that our clients have had a fun and uncomplicated experience, and that they value us for it. Check what others are saying about Sella10.
10 And not only descending the Sella
We also offer excursions on quad or horseback, speleology, paintball, rafting ... ask us and combine them as you want.


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